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What makes your mats better than the ones that cost less?

There are several reasons why Pet Soup pet mats are the best! We use only premium materials, such as our special lay-flat, non-skid backing with Dura-Flex™ Technology. No other products on the market even remotely approach the quality, durability, and value of genuine Pet Soup mats

I bought a mat at a big discount store. My dog chewed it up, and it made him sick. Will your mats do the same thing?

We hope your dog is alright! The part that probably made him sick is the cheap backing material. Pet Soup mats are made with only non-toxic, hypo-allergenic components. In fact, our backing material (nitrile) is the only flexible product that is approved by the FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture for use in food handling! Also, it is virtually impossible for a dog to tear apart one of our mats. They are incredibly strong and flexible.

After I ran one of your competitor's mats through my washing machine, it began to crumble and won't lay flat now. Why?

Those other mats aren't meant to be washed like that! Crumbling, fading, brittleness, and curling all happen when you try to wash an inferior product. Pet Soup pet mats, on the other hand, are washable, and won't fade, crack, peel, discolor, or lose their suppleness and texture!

Will the beautiful colors and images on your mats wear off?

Absolutely not! Pet Soup mats have vibrant images that are actually permanently dyed into the luxurious top material, and will not fade, even after years of use!

What is a litter mat?

A litter mat is placed under a litter box and is large enough to extend out past the front and sides of the box. Pet Soup mats serve two purposes. The primary function is to remove as much litter as possible from your cat’s paws so that it is not tracked through your house. Pet Soup litter mats do an exceptional job of this, as well as protecting your floors, while adding style and design fashion to complement your home décor!